Pictures are not only a great way to capture the details of your memorable events, they help in telling stories of the happy moments shared with loved ones. Great photos serve as reminders of ecstatic adventures, priceless memories and life’s important experiences.



Jet City photo booth is a creative photo booth for anyone that value the importance of sharing these experiences. At Jet City, we believe that memories are precious and priceless. We also understand the importance of having your special moments documented and kept for future reference. That's why we provide a full service photo booth rental service and photo marketing solutions that are the best of both worlds.

One important feature of our business is top-notch creativity. When it comes to photo booth rental, brand awareness or photo marketing, creativity flows through our vein. We make sure that every photo project that we handle starts and end with a charming smile on your face.

Our clients come from different walks of life because the importance of quality pictures can not be overstated. Our photo booth rental services are best-suited for weddings, birthdays, sweet 16, trade shows, corporate events, social event and photo marketing needs.